what is SheHacks?

SheHacks is the in Southwest Ontario, hosted by the Women in Technology Society at Western University. Our focus is the technology industry regardless of: gender identity, background, major, or experience.

SheHacks makes technology accessible for all, attracting hundreds of diverse attendees and corporate leaders at the forefront of progress. More than just technical skills, our teams leave with genuine industry connections, a fortified sense of community, and inspiration to lead.

“What is a hackathon?”

A Hackathon is a coding and design marathon with a clear goal: ideate and bring to life a solution. Teams consist of 2-4 members, and have 12 hours of build time to respond to the challenge. Hackers rapidly gain exposure to ideas, skills, and possibilities.

"SheHacks was a great opportunity to participate in . Since I had , I was to join a Hackathon…. After SheHacks, I felt more and since have been taking courses and workshops to improve my coding skills!"

Tolu Aibana

"SheHacks was an . I've always been a fan of hackathons but this is and I absolutely loved working with girls of . SheHacks provides an to practice our ideas, , and make friends. Walking away from the event with definitely helped with my confidence and desire to participate in more hackathons in the future."

Iris Zhou

"SheHacks was such an incredible, experience! It was so inspiring to be surrounded by . What really stood out to me was how inclusive the event was – every member of my team came from a . Over the course of the day, I attended workshops, learned new coding skills, and met a bunch of amazing people I now call my friends."

Annie Wu


I don't know how to code. Can I still come?
Of course! The event is designed for first-time hackers to try something new. We actively encourage people from all backgrounds, disciplines, and majors to attend! We have workshops that’ll teach you everything you need to know. Just bring yourself, a willingness to learn, and a positive attitude!
Can I attend with no prior hackathon experience?
YES! Over 60% of our attendees last year were first-time hackers!
Do I need to come with a team?
You can come solo or with a team - whichever you like. If you already have a team (up to 5 people), you can register with them. If you don't have a team but would like one, we can match you up with one before the event, or you can form your own the morning of during breakfast and registration.
Which sponsors are attending?
We have representatives from Scotiabank, Coinsquare, TechAlliance, Communitech, DMZ, Propel Entrepreneurship Centre, Ivey Msc, and more!
Is this event women-only?
Yes! As we’re focused on creating a talent pipeline from minorities in tech, this event is specifically created as a place for newcomers to explore the tech industry in a fun, relaxing, and non-competitive way. If you're in high school, university, college, or graduate school and want to break into tech, you're 100% welcome here!
I'm not a girl/woman, can I still come?
SheHacks is designed to be a inclusive space to support women who are interested in technology. If you identify as a woman, you're welcome to join us!
Why can’t men attend?
The tech industry is still dominated by men, which unfortunately can make the environment a toxic and unwelcoming one for women. At the Women in Tech Society, we're simply bringing women up to speed to be equals, as women are still disadvantaged in the social and political spheres.
What is the cost?
Absolutely FREE, due to our generous sponsors! Food and drink will be covered by us, and you'll also receive a swag bag full of amazing goodies.
Which schools are allowed to attend?
We welcome participants from all over Canada, with a particular emphasis on Western University, Waterloo University, Laurier University, York University, and University of Toronto!
What do I need to bring?
Your laptop, chargers, friends, and a desire to learn!

SheHacks III

March 16th, 2019

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