Major League Hacking 2021 Hackathon Season

Thank you for attending SheHacks V!

We'll build you up from zero to hero.



Canada's largest all-female and non-binary hackathon

Join 600+ female and female-aligned students online to make your next move in tech. Regardless of your experience, background, or gender identity, turn your tech ideas into reality in just 36 hours.

Finalists join us for an intimate networking session with sponsors!

New This Year!

Hacker Olympics

An alternate competition stream for beginner hackers.

Teams of 3-4 beginner hackers will compete in 3 coding sprints based on our workshops.

Startups Panel

Learn about the startup journey and network with reps from some cool startups!

Meet with WorkTango, Nulogy, Wonder, Planned, and Hatchways to learn about entrepreneurship and what it's like working at a startup!

Speed Networking

Get a chance to network with other participants online.

You will be matched up with one of our sponsors, mentors, or other hackers for a short video chat.

Past Highlights

Meet our Community

Laura Popa

Western University

SheHacks was the first hackathon that I attended when I was in first year computer science at Western University. Being in such an inclusive and educational environment around so many incredible women left me with a sense of confidence in my technical abilities that I never felt before.

Samia Anwar

McMaster University

With just surface-level knowledge of Python and Java, I returned to the London GreyHound bus station on Sunday night with a beautiful website coded through HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and integrated with a Google API. All of this I learned (and relearned) within 24 hours thanks to the friends and mentors I gained at SheHacks.

Emily Wang

University of Waterloo

At most hackathons, I've always felt a sense of imposter syndrome and intimidation. SheHacks was a supportive and welcoming event that made everyone, regardless of skill level or gender, feel like they had a place in the tech world.

Niveda Bala

Western University

As a Medical Sciences student making a career shift to tech, the SheHacks environment gave me access to skills and empowering mentors that helped me get my start at an early stage startup.

Tolu Aibana

Western University

SheHacks was a great opportunity to participate in my first Hackathon. Since I had no experience coding, I was too intimidated to join a Hackathon...After SheHacks, I felt more confident in my abilities in tech and since have been taking courses and workshops to improve my coding skills!

Jessica Hu

Western University

SheHacks was the first hackathon I had ever attended and it was nothing like I had expected. It was incredibly beginner friendly, I got to see so many cool hacks and innovative ideas, I had the chance to network with tech company reps and attended lots of unique workshops.

Emily Bicknell

University of Waterloo

SheHacks was my first hackathon experience and it did not disappoint! It was such a supportive environment, and everyone was rooting for each other’s success. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet like minded individuals and learn from leaders in the tech community. I came out of the experience with new skills and more confidence in my abilities.

Incredible Support From Industry Leaders and Mentors

Sukhinder Singh Cassidy

SheHacks V Keynote, President of StubHub Inc

Sukhinder Singh Cassidy is a Western University alumni and a power woman in the world of tech. She is an entrepreneur with 25+ years of leadership experience scaling and founding companies including Google, Amazon, Yodlee, Joyus and Polyvore. She is currently Founder and Chairman of theBoardlist, and most recently served as the President of StubHub Inc, the leading global consumer ticketing marketplace for live entertainment.

History of SheHacks

Welcome to SheHacks I!

  60 hackers

  11 projects

  6 sponsors

  $450 in prizes

Welcome to SheHacks II!

  167 hackers

  90% new hackers

  12h hackathon

  $5K in prizes

Welcome to SheHacks III!

  300 hackers

  10 workshops

  53 projects

  $5.6K in prizes

Welcome to SheHacks IV!

  MLH certified

  24h hackathon

  14 workshops

  $10K in prizes

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hackathon?
A hackathon is a design & coding sprint where “hackers” with both technical and non-technical backgrounds come together to build exciting projects. Throughout the hackathon, you will learn many new skills through workshops, meet like-minded peers, and network with sponsors and mentors. At the end of the weekend, you will get a chance to demo your project and maybe go home with some prizes!
Is SheHacks V a virtual hackathon?
Yes! This year, SheHacks V will be a virtual event. We look forward to meeting at our largest venue yet - the Internet.
I don’t know how to code. Can I still come?
Of course! The event is designed for first-time hackers to try something new. We actively encourage people from all backgrounds, disciplines, and majors to attend! We have workshops that’ll teach you everything you need to know as well as mentors to guide you along the way. Just bring yourself, a willingness to learn, and a positive attitude!
Does SheHacks cost anything?
SheHacks is absolutely FREE, due to our generous sponsors! You will have access to a plethora of tools and workshops to help you with your project. You can also look forward to receiving some swag goodies in the mail!
Do I need to come with a team?
You can come solo or with a team. If you already have a team (3-4 people), you can register with them. If you don't have a team but would like one, we can match you up with one before the event.
Can I still come if I’m not a woman+?
SheHacks is designed to be an inclusive space to support female-identifying and non-binary individuals who are interested in technology. As we’re focused on creating a talent pipeline from minorities in tech, this event is specifically created as a place for women+ to explore the tech industry in a supportive way. Otherwise, we welcome people of all genders to participate as a volunteer or mentor. Keep an eye out on our Facebook and website for more information.
I'm a recently graduated student. Can I still apply?
Yes! We welcome current students as well as new grads to attend SheHacks. There will be many networking opportunities with our sponsors as well if you are actively searching for a job!
I don't attend a Canadian university. Can I still apply?
Yes! Since SheHacks is a virtaul event this year, we welcoming students from around the world to participate. The only downside is we may not be able to send you a full swag package but you will still receive exclusive MLH SheHacks stickers in the mail!